CORE Higher Education Group

CORE Higher Education Group is an education technology company providing software applications to colleges and universities at both the program level and the institutional level. Founded in 2006, CORE’s technology applications have grown to accommodate the experiential education, student competency assessment (CBE), and digital portfolio needs of more than 100 colleges and universities throughout North America.

The CORE Technology Suite

The CORE Technology Suite is comprised of three integrated software applications supporting colleges and universities in the areas of externship management, competency based education (CBE) management, and self-curated presentation ePortfolios.

Student Externship and Practicum Management Core ELMS

CORE ELMS - An Experiential Learning Management System (ELMS) supporting the needs and processes of externship departments and students in the field.

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Student Competency Management System Core CompMS

CORE CompMS - A Competency Management System (CompMS) serving as the technology platform for CBE (Competency Based Education) assessment initiatives.

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Credential Presentation Portfolio Core ePortfolio

CORE ePortfolio - Self-curated credential presentation portfolios designed to manage and present an individual’s educational and professional achievements.

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10,000+ Externship Sites

Below are just some of the 10,000+ externship sites that partner with colleges using CORE ELMS to manage their externship programs.